Lap Band Removal

If you have a lap band, but aren’t losing weight, you may be a candidate for lap-band removal surgery. In his Fort Worth Hospitals near Alliance, Keller and Trophy Club, David Dyslin, MD, FACS, offers minimally invasive options to safely remove a band and prevent post-surgery health complications. Dr. Dyslin can evaluate your current weight-loss goals, and may even combine a lap-band removal with another more effective bariatric procedure. Learn about lap-band removal surgery by calling the Fort Worth office near Keller, Texas or using the online booking tool.

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Lap Band Removal Q&A

  • What is a lap band?
  • A lap band is a method of weight loss that uses an inflatable band made of silicone that goes around the upper part of your stomach. The band creates a small pouch in your stomach to limit how much food you can eat. While the lap band is an effective weight-loss solution for some, it may not provide you with the results you desire. The procedure is reversible and Dr. David Dyslin also performs the removal surgery.
  • Why should I consider lap-band removal surgery?
  • You may want to consider having your lap band removed if you’re dissatisfied with your weight-loss progress and Dr. Dyslin agrees there’s a better option available. You might also require the removal of your lap band if you experience complications, such as severe nausea, vomiting, or persistent pain. Ongoing acid reflux may also be a complication that requires the band’s removal. Once Dr. Dyslin removes the band, you should experience immediate relief from these symptoms. In some cases, the lap band can slip out of position and begin growing into your stomach. Dr. Dyslin may recommend removing the lap band to prevent additional medical issues and long-term complications.
  • What can I expect during lap-band removal surgery?
  • Dr. Dyslin offers minimally invasive surgical removal options to take out the lap band. He uses a laparoscopic procedure that requires only small incisions. If you previously had surgery to place the band, he may be able to use the old incisions. Using small, precise surgical instruments, Dr. Dyslin cuts the scar tissue around the band before pulling it from your stomach. At this time, he can also repair any damage to your stomach and surrounding tissue as a result of the band slipping out of place. He also removes excess scar tissue in your stomach to prevent future obstruction. If you have another bariatric surgery planned for continued weight loss, Dr. Dyslin can perform a lap-band removal in addition to a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. With minimally invasive surgery, you can expect to recover more quickly and with fewer complications. Dr. Dyslin can discuss what to expect following your surgery during your initial evaluation.