Staying Healthy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

During these uncertain times, it is important to keep your self healthy and boost your immune system.  People that suffer from obesity are more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19 than people that are a healthy weight.  Though losing weight can help decrease your risk, here are some easy daily tips to keep you and your immune system healthier during this time.

Wear a mask

Social Distancing

Wash your hands

Zinc Lozenges

Increase your Vitamin D Intake

Increase Vitamin C- In your diet or a supplement

Reduce Stress-meditate

Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Exercise -30 minutes a day

Hydrate- drink lots of water

Support your Gut- eating food with probiotics or taking a supplement


We are here to help you on your weight loss journey before and after surgery.  We want to keep you healthy and safe during this pandemic.  Please call our office if you have any questions or concerns about your vitamin levels or diet.  We have a full stock of vitamins in our clinic and offer curbside pickup or delivery.

Summer Eating Challenges

Summer is here with lots of beach and pool time.  Navigating the summer fun and making healthy eating choices can always be a challenge.  With schedules more relaxed and so many grilling nights, it is easy to make some unhealthy summer eating habits.  Whether you have undergone bariatric surgery or you are trying to watch your weight and looking into surgery, these tips can help you make healthy choices.

If you are heading out for a day trip at the lake, beach or pool and you don’t know what eating options will be available, pack your own cooler! Find out ahead of time whether the park or pool allows coolers or what food options are available.  This will help you plan and prepare instead of being stuck hungry with only fast food options.  Pack lots of handheld foods in your cooler such as carrot sticks, turkey, cheese cubes, grapes and bananas.  Healthy snack items such as protein bars (no sugar, low carb), protein drinks, nuts and low carb yogurt.  Make a lettuce wrapped sandwich with turkey, chicken or ham and cheese.  This is a nice cold and crisp snack that is satisfying and has good protein to keep you full longer.  Enjoy the outside; swimming and walking are great exercise!

Everyone loves to grill during the summer, if you are heading to a bbq these tips are for you.  Think about what you can bring to the table, something healthy that will ensure you can eat and enjoy yourself.  BBQ’s usually involve meat which is a great protein option.  You can even offer to bring your own chicken or healthy skewers.  If they are having burgers, ask for your burger lettuce wrapped with cheese.  This is a great low carb option that is very filling! You could also offer to bring a tossed green salad, a veggie tray with hummus or a fruit salad.

Enjoy the summer with your family while staying healthy! If you are ready to make a change now, schedule an appointment online today:

A Lesson in Weight Loss – Teacher’s This Is Your Time

While most people think about losing weight before summer arrives, there is no better time for teachers to spend those 3 months focusing on taking care of themselves!

Teachers are used to putting in the extra effort and working hard to achieve their goals.  Weight loss surgery is just that, putting in the time and effort for long term weight loss.  The most successful method for long term weight loss is bariatric surgery.  There is no better time than now to start your weight loss journey.  Starting during the summer can set you up for a successful surgery during Thanksgiving or Christmas break.

Many patients try diets and exercise and fail time and time again.  Weight loss surgery sets you up for long term weight loss and a new healthier outlook on life.  Procedures like sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass can fix other health issues like reflux, diabetes, joint pain and depression.  The team at Trinity Bariatric Institute will support you and show you how to eat better, get on track with the right vitamins for your body and get in that exercise before and after surgery.  We are there every step of the way with you!

Bariatric surgery is a life changing procedure that can help you live the life you always wanted.  Are you worried about having surgery or costs of procedure? Dr. Dyslin is an expert at minimally invasive surgery, most patients go home the same day or next day.  Our insurance specialists will verify your insurance to see if you have bariatric benefits through your employer.  If you do not have bariatric benefits or are looking for cash pay surgery, we offer competitive rates and financing options for every budget.  Don’t let these obstacles get in the way of your weight loss journey, do something for yourself today.  Call or schedule online, 817-832-7227.