Bariatric Revision Surgery, Am I A Candidate?

Many Americans that have undergone bariatric surgery have complications.  There are many factors that contribute to the why and how a patient has complications.  This could be because the patient’s anatomy has changed over time, they may have had major life changes that caused extreme stress and anxiety, or the surgeon may have used a technique that wasn’t right for their body.

Some patients gain their weight back over time.  It is important to understand that obesity is a chronic disease, you must treat the disease in mind and body to conquer it.  It is important to look at what the patient has gone through since they started gaining the weight back.  Did they have a big life event that caused stress, did they have a job change that makes going to the gym or eating healthy a challenge? Is the patient getting enough protein and still seeing the dietician? Are they taking their vitamins?  Have they come back for follow up visits with their surgeon every year? These are all important factors we look at when trying to see where the patient’s mind and body are and how we can get the patient back on track.

Occasionally a patient’s anatomy plays a huge factor in how they respond to bariatric surgery.  They may develop reflux or start vomiting after eating.  Some patients complain of abdominal pain or port pain from their lap band.  They may stop losing weight completely.  This is more cause for concern and may require surgical changes to adjust to their body’s needs.

Dr. Dyslin is an expert at bariatric revision surgery.  He can offer compassionate care for patients and help them understand what is happening to their body.  He offers lap band removal, band to sleeve, band to bypass, sleeve to bypass and can treat hernia issues due to bariatric surgery.  Don’t suffer another day with your failed surgery, we are here to help.  Make an appointment today by calling 817-832-7227 or schedule online:

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A Message To Our Patients – COVID-19

A Message for our Trinity Bariatric Insitute Family and Friends-

We are still OPEN and caring for patients.  Please call us anytime if you have questions or concerns about an upcoming appointment or surgery. At this time, elective surgery is still being scheduled and performed at our local hospitals.

We will continue to go above and beyond the standards put in place by the CDC for your safety.

We are increasing the frequency of our normal sterilization’s procedures of each room before and after every patient.  We are taking steps to ensure that the waiting room, bathroom and door handles are sterilized multiple times a day.

We are working hard to prevent the spread of sickness by pre-screening every patient before they come in.  Any patients with upper respiratory illness are being rescheduled to a later date.

Our staff is screened daily to make sure they do not have symptoms or have recently traveled.

We are practicing social distancing by limiting the seating in our waiting room to 2-4 people at all times 6 feet or more away from each other.  You may be asked to sit in your car to wait for your appointment if we have too many patients in the waiting room.

As an elective surgical practice, there is little exposure risk associated with your visit.

We look forward to seeing you, please call us with any questions you may have.  We will continue to care for our community and offer life changing weight loss surgeries, as well as post-operative care.


David Dyslin, MD, FACS, FASMBS

Trinity Bariatric Insitute